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Nikki's Lesson

It was finally the end of the day on Friday and Nikki was more than ready for the weekend. It had been a rough week at work and Nikki was ready for two days of relaxation and time with Tyler. To prepare herself she had been drinking lots of water all afternoon. Of course, she had had to pee several times in order not to embarrass herself at the office, but that was OK. She knew she was well hydrated and that she now only needed to drink a little to fill her bladder enough to make her hot and intensify her horniness.

She stopped in the staff kitchen on her way out of the office to fill up her water bottle and then headed out to the car. On the way home she fantasized about what she might do with Tyler tonight.

When she drove into the driveway she was happy to see that Tyler was home, too. She could hear the music playing from inside- jazz...perfect for a night of togetherness.

As she entered the house Tyler met her with a glass of wine. Dinner was almost ready to serve. Nikki could feel herself relaxing immediately. She sat down at the table and poured herself a glass of water from the pitcher on the table. Tyler brought in their plates and smiled as he saw her taking several large gulps of water before she picked up her wine again. She read his smile as acknowledgement of the fact that dessert would be less about savoring sweets than savoring each other.

As dinner progressed, Nikki saw that Tyler had some plan in mind for later. His eyes were shining and they seemed to sparkle even brighter as he watched her drink a second big glass of water along with two more glasses of wine.

After dinner Nikki and Tyler took their dishes into the kitchen. Nikki was feeling both the wine and the water. The buzz in her head accentuated the hot desire that was building between her legs. Tyler pulled her close to him and kissed her long and deep. As he did so he used his hands on her lower back to press her abdomen into his. Because her bladder had been filling rapidly throughout dinner, this made her gasp, then moan with mounting sexual need, and then plunge her tongue deeper into Tyler's seeking mouth.

Nikki was so lost in the pleasure of the intimate kiss that she didn't notice that Tyler had slipped a knotted scarf around her right wrist until he gently pulled her left wrist behind her and tied it with the other end of the scarf. Then she pulled back from him in surprise. "Hey!"

Nikki was surprised, but not upset, that Tyler was taking this foray into bondage. She was quite excited thinking about how being tied up for a little while would feel. She knew Tyler would be gentle and would let her go the minute she requested it.

He led her into the guest bedroom where, from the look of it, he had spent some time getting everything prepared. Nikki saw several bottles of water and a glass with a straw in it. The one thing she didn't see was the tarp and towels they used when they enjoyed watersports in the house. She had expected to see them covering the carpet, but they weren't there. Nikki assumed his plan was to restrict her movements while he turned her on and then let her free when she got to the point that she just had to pee. In most of their past exploitations, when Nikki was on the point of wetting herself she was also begging for him to enter her and bring her to a wild, wet orgasm. She figured he planned to move them both to a different, protected place to finish the evening. She soon found out she was very wrong.

"Nikki, Sweetie," he purred into her ear as he stood her in the middle of the carpeted floor and tied her arms over her head. She was a bit more concerned with trying to figure out what he had managed to rig up to get her into this position than in what he was saying, but his whisper gained her attention when he continued, "Remember last weekend when you tortured me by the river?"

"Yes." She remembered it well. All week long, over and over again, her mind had strayed to the image of pure desire and need on Tyler's face as he realized that she wasn't going to let him touch her at all, even when she brought herself to orgasm, and wet herself uncontrollably, on the bank of the river while he watched helplessly. She had done it in revenge for being ignored all that morning even though she had wanted so badly for him to screw her for hours on end. The thought of how much he had finally, thoroughly wanted her that day had kept her hot all week.

"Well, now it is payback time!" He whispered.

"What do you mean?" Nikki gasped.

"I'm in control this time. You don't get anything you want tonight!"

Nikki's heart began to pound. "What do you mean?" she repeated, trying to sound irritated.

"Well, lets see, we can start with another glass of water." And he opened one of the waiting Arrowhead bottles, poured it into the glass and held the straw to her mouth.

Nikki was still sure Tyler's game wouldn't end in her peeing on the bedroom carpet so she was perfectly willing to drink the water. She drank it down quickly and looked at Tyler wondering what would come next. It truly did make her hot when Tyler took control of the evening's activities. She was tingling between her legs with anticipation. Her pretence at irritation was weakening with her mounting desire and her bursting bladder. However, she had no wish to let Tyler know how much she was enjoying this, so she tried to pout a little.

"How are you feeling?" He said, with a sparkle in his eye.

"Well, I need to pee, if that's what you are asking." Attempting to seem angry, she scrunched her eyes at him. Her effect was somewhat diminished by the bouncing of her right leg which seemed to have a mind of its own.

"That is exactly what I was asking. How bad?"

"Well, I've been worse off." She said with an arrogant toss of her hair. Of course, Nikki was lying. She really needed to go. Her bladder was so full that normally she would be looking for a way to relieve herself quickly. Under the circumstances her answer was the wrong one to give, because it caused Tyler to open another bottle of water and pour it into the glass.

Before he offered it to her he watched her. He was savoring the movements of her hips and the way she was trying to tighten her hold on herself. The way she was sawing her raised arms back and forth let Tyler know that she was wishing she could get her hands down to her crotch to help her keep control. Then he said, "Nikki, I do believe you are in a bad way. I think you might pee on the carpet if you don't get somewhere to go."

Nikki became a little alarmed. She really didn't want to mess up the carpet. She bit her lip, "I do have to go. Don't make me ruin the carpet," she said seriously.

"I told you that I'm the one calling the shots today. I'll let you loose when I decide it is time. Be a good girl, Nikki and I might not make you pee on the floor. Now, drink." And he held the straw to her soft lips.

She looked at him without showing any signs of starting to drink the water.

"Nikki, Darling, you aren't going to get out of this. You might as well do as I say."

Nikki gave a frustrated sigh and drank the water, but now she was starting to squirm even more. She tried to hide the fact that she was getting to the end of her rope. But Tyler's practiced eye picked up the signs easily. He reached over and unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it down over her hips. Nikki stepped out of it and Tyler kicked it away. She stood there in only her blouse and her pastel pink panties lifting one leg and then the other to help her hang on. Her bladder was begging for relief.

Nikki was starting to wonder how much longer she could hold it. She kept thinking about what it would feel like to just let go and feel the warm piss soak into her panties and run down her legs. She had to keep reminding herself that she was standing on carpeted floor. Although at times she liked to consider herself a naughty girl, she never peed on something that was difficult to clean up. And she certainly didn't want to wet herself on the guest room floor.

Tyler began to run his hands gently up and down her body. He spent some time tenderly massaging her breasts, then her hips, and her smooth legs. Nikki couldn't help kissing him back when he kissed her lips. But it wasn't long before she stopped him. She could feel her urine trying to force its way out of her clenched muscles. She was sure she would lose it any second now. Typically when she held her pee for a long time, she would have little leaks before she had a major flood. But tonight she had been holding it so tightly that she thought she might just skip the warning leaks and go straight to the flood. She was attempting to squeeze her thighs together without loosing her balance since her arms were tied above her.

"OK- fun is fun, but I really have to pee badly," she said. She really expected him to untie her and get her some place she could go. She didn't care whether it was the bathroom or somewhere else. She was hoping for the bedroom where the mattress was protected. In any case, her bladder was in agony. If she weren't allowed to go immediately the decision would be made for her. She would wet the carpet.

Tyler stood back from her. "You're going to pee yourself?"

"Any second." Nikki answered. And to emphasis her need she twisted one leg over the other and bent at the waist as far as she could with her hands tied over her head. She wasn't kidding. Her bladder was aching and she just wanted to let go. If she had been some place besides over guest room carpet she would have wet her panties by now. The relief would probably have taken her to orgasm, but now she was only hoping to save the carpet.

"I'll tell you what," said Tyler, "if you drink another glass of water, I will let you pee."

Nikki had read enough pee stories to guess that this was a ploy, but she wasn't sure how to get around it. "When will you let me pee? Right after I drink the water?" She asked suspiciously.

"Yes, right after," Replied Tyler.

So Nikki drank the water that Tyler poured and then offered her.

"OK," she said when she was finished with the water, "untied me. Hurry!" She was in misery trying not to wet herself. She wished she could use her hand to hold her pee hole.

"Oh, I'm not going to untie you." Tyler said with a laugh.

Nikki was shocked. "I have to pee. You said I could pee if I drank the water!"

"Oh, I'm going to let you pee."

Nikki was reassured only until Tyler brought out the smallest Dixie cup she had ever seen and stated, "You can fill this, and that is all."

He gently pulled her panties down and urged her to spread her legs a little more. And even though it was difficult for Nikki to do so, she opened her legs enough for Tyler to hold the cup under her. Just before he held it against her he ran his finger between the lips of her pussy. Even Nikki could feel how hot and wet she was with her own juices. As worried as she was about the carpet, this game was turning her on more than any other they had played.

"Now, make sure you stop before you overflow the cup." Tyler told her.

She wasn't sure that was possible. She was just dying to let all her pee go, but she was determined to try to keep the carpet clean.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on letting a little pee go into the cup. If she could get a bit of relief, maybe she could hold on until Tyler took pity on her and brought her something bigger to pee in. She felt her urine sink down in her abdomen. Her urethra relaxed, as she carefully started to let go. She heard the first splashes of her pee hit the cup and looked down. Suddenly the first few drops became an uncontrolled torrent as she clenched her muscles trying to stop her flow. She just managed to stop going before her pee reached the top of the cup. She could have sworn she saw a look of disappointment on Tyler's face as she succeeded in keeping the carpet dry.

However, as he pulled up her panties, he said only, "Good girl. Now you must feel better."

Of course, she had let so little go that she didn't feel better at all. In fact, she was more desperate than ever. But she was horny, too. If only she wasn't worried about the carpet she could concentrate more on her swelling mound and the pleasure of the intense pressure. However, when Tyler leaned into kiss her, she responded excitedly. And when he slipped his leg between hers, she took the opportunity to press her crotch against him, gaining a slight bit of relief for her throbbing bladder.

But it was only a minute before she again felt like she couldn't hold it for another second and she began to beg Tyler to let her pee.

"I gotta go. I really do. Please, untie me. Let me pee. I'm going to pee on the carpet."

Tyler seemed to look at her with sympathy for a minute and then he said, "I guess the cup wasn't good enough. I know what will help. And he again reached behind Nikki. This time instead of a cup he brought out a small hand towel. He folded it several times.

Nikki looked at it doubtfully. It wasn't very big and she was as full as she had ever been. But it was something and she was anxious to have Tyler press it against her.

Again, Tyler urged her to spread her legs for him. This time he didn't remove her panties. He very gently brought the towel up to her crotch. The first place it touched was Nikki's clit. Nikki responded with a moan. The touch of the towel almost brought her to orgasm. Her hips rocked. "Oh, no! Don't make me come! I'll pee the carpet!" She cried out. Oh, but it felt so good.

Tyler pressed the towel more firmly against her, "We don't want you to come then do we? Concentrate, Nikki- control yourself."

As Nikki collected herself, Tyler said, "OK, Nikki, let some go. Just a little, now. Don't let it leak through the towel onto the carpet."

Nikki's legs were shaking with need. She was desperate to pee and desperate to keep her pee under control. She took a breath and tried to relax just enough to wet the towel. In a moment she could feel her panties dampen. She struggled not to just give in and piss her bladder empty. She let go a little more. Tyler pulled the towel a few inches away from her darkening panties and she could hear her pee slashing though the material and onto the towel. It seemed like only a second or two before Tyler said, "Stop, my hand is getting wet. You will get the carpet wet if you go any more.

Tightening her sphincter to stop her flow brought her to the brink of orgasm again. Her hips automatically rocked forward almost causing her to start peeing again. Tyler noticed and reminded her, "If you come, you'll pee."

She just barely managed to back herself down from the orgasm saving the carpet for a bit longer.

"Good girl, Nikki. Let me change you out of those wet panties."

Tyler carefully slid her wet panties down her legs and coaxed her out of them. Having her pussy naked made it even harder for Nikki to keep her pee inside. She was glad when Tyler slipped a pair of her grey sporty bikinis onto her. "Ok, you keep those dry now."

Then he brought her close to him again, and started kissing her. He trailed his tongue from her ear, down her neck, and toward her breasts. It was all that Nikki could do to maintain her concentration enough not to relax her pee muscles.

Tyler straightened up and slipped his leg into her crotch the way he had had it earlier. Nikki immediately took advantage of this and pressed against him hard. However, this time she couldn't hold still. She was unashamedly rubbing herself against him frantically. It was helping her not to pee, but she was again in danger of coming.

Suddenly she felt warmth at her crotch. She had leaked, and Tyler knew it, too. He delicately guided her back a few steps and looked down at the wet patch on the leg of his jeans.

"Oh, Nikki, you naughty girl. I will have to punish you for wetting."

The words made Nikki's heart skip a beat in anticipation and fear. Her vagina tingled with the thought getting her butt spanked for peeing in her panties, but she was also sure even the lightest smack would cause her tired pee hole to give up the fight and let out all her pent up liquid. Tyler turned her so that her left side was toward him. He slid his hand down her belly. Nikki expected him to apply some pressure against her abdomen, but he surprised her by continuing down her body and inserting his hand between her legs so that he could press it against her pee hole. Oh, that felt so wonderful to Nikki. But then his other hand came down on her butt. It could hardly be called a spanking, but even so, the unexpected shock of it caused Nikki to arch her back and a sudden jet of pee escaped her urethra.

She expected another spank, but she didn't get it.

"Nikki, it is time for you to get some real punishment now that you've wet yourself again."

Nikki was totally mystified. Her mind was so foggy with her incredible need to pee and her body's absolute yearning to give in to the mind blowing orgasm that was hovering just below her surface that she couldn't figure out what Tyler was about to do.

He loosened her bindings just enough so that he could help her bend over and rest her arms on the bed. This position eased some of her powerful compulsion to give in and piss on the carpet. But she abruptly realized with horror and excitement what Tyler was about to do. She knew she was right when Tyler, standing directly behind her, slid his fingers into the elastic band at the top of her panties and began to pull them off of her.

"No, no! If you put your cock in me I'll come for sure. I'll pee! Please, please take me somewhere else or get the tarp." Her begging didn't have any effect on Tyler except to make him more determined to have her. But he did make her a promise.

"Nikki, hold it until I come. Then I'll untie you and let you pee." And he sealed his words with a kiss to the back of her neck. All Nikki could do was let him have his way. She spread her legs cautiously, struggling valiantly to hold on.

Slowly, ever so slowly he entered her. And Nikki cried out, "Oh, oh, oh. It feels too good." She could feel her vaginal walls begin to quiver and her clit harden. She tried to clench harder, hoping that even if she couldn't hold back the waves of her orgasm that she could at least control her bladder until it was over. She was glad that Tyler was not thrusting hard, but she was praying that he was close to ejaculation.

Bit by bit he pulled out until just the tip of his penis rested inside her. That was when she heard the patter of her pee drops hitting the carpet. She looked down to see the golden drips falling from her engorged lips. She shouldn't have looked because the sight of herself starting to lose control brought her even nearer to orgasm. She moaned and closed her eyes.

Tyler pressed into her again. He seemed so huge, filling her more than ever before. "Yes, yes, yes, I want it, take me, make me, oh, yes, please" she called out incoherently. It was everything she could do to keep her hips from bucking, forcing his penis into her extended bladder. It would have felt wonderful, but she would have gushed uncontrollably onto the carpet. As it was, the constant drip drop sound of her little leaks had turned into a trickle. She couldn't help it. She was starting to pee.

Suddenly, she felt Tyler's whole body stiffen. He took a firmer grip on her slender hips, as he sought her deepest regions. She heard him groan, and then he thrust again, and held his breath. She felt his cock throb as he filled her with his seed.

He quickly withdrew from inside her, untied her hands, and helped her stand. But it was too late for Nikki. As she leaned back against him, she allowed herself to give in to the orgasm. It pounded though her, making all of her pulse with pleasure, making her knees so weak that Tyler had to hold her up.

She had lost the battle; she was peeing on the carpet. She didn't care anymore. The urine sprayed out of her full force. As it jetted its way out of her it amplified the intensity of her orgasm. "Oh, God, yes, yes, yes," she yelled. And her legs collapsed out from under her. Tyler lowered her down sliding his hand up to catch her warm flow. He held her close to him as her orgasm slowly freed her from its grip, and her bladder emptied itself completely. He kissed her face all over, whispering her name. "Nikki, Nikki, Nikki."

When her blissful moans subsided, Tyler looked her in the eyes. "I'll get the carpet cleaned, Baby."

"OK, but let's get us clean first."

He smiled at her. Then he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.

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